„I like to work in a surrounding which I love“:
Interview with Doriana Fuksas

Doriana Mandrelli Fuksas and Massimiliano Fuksas, MUMBAI range for Haworth Castelli Foto: © Castelli spa
Doriana Mandrelli Fuksas and Massimiliano Fuksas, MUMBAI range for Haworth Castelli
Foto: © Castelli spa

Doriana Fuksas leads Studio Fuksas together with her husband Massimiliano Fuksas. Over the past 40 years the internationally renowned architecture company with headquarters in Rome, Paris and Shenzhen, has completed more than 600 projects. An Interview about today’s working environments and how permanent values can be created for them.

Inspiring Moments:
„RE / Work by Ippolito Fleitz Group“ at ORGATEC

01 Re Work by Ippolito Fleitz Group_Blog
RE / Work – Moments of Inspiration by Ippolito Fleitz Group
© Ippolito Fleitz Group

Our world is increasingly shaped by digital experiences. Work processes are changing rapidly. Does the office as an analogue location still have any meaning in the 21st century?The answer of Ippolito Fleitz Group is a clear Yes. The renowned studio will offer new inspirations and perspectives with the exhibition „RE / Work“ at ORGATEC 2016.

Three questions to:
Joachim H. Faust (Managing partner HPP Architects)

Dreischeibenhaus, Düsseldorf (Architecture: Helmut Hentrich and Hubert Petschnigg)
© Momeni Gruppe

The “Dreischeibenhaus” in Düsseldorf is considered an international icon of modern architecture. The award-winning modernisation by HPP Architects made the office building fit for the future. We asked Joachim H. Faust, managing partner of HPP, three questions concerning the moderate treatment of existing building structures.

Successful transformation:
new working environments in old offices

01 Powerhouse Kjorbo_Foto Ketil Jacobsen_Blog
Conversion of 1980s offices into a plus-energy house: Powerhouse Kjørbo near Oslo
architecture: Snøhetta, © Ketil Jacobsen

Work is changing and architecture is changing with it. Numerous office and administration buildings dating from the recent past no longer correspond to today’s state of technology and equipment. Current projects respond to the question of demolition or modernisation with creative ideas: instead of opting for demolition or new construction, the concepts combine old and new as inspiring office worlds.

Destination for New Ideas:
Vitra presents “Work” at ORGATEC 2016

01 master-15554266_Blog
© Vitra/Florian Böhm

From 25 to 29 October, Vitra presents ‘Work’ at the ORGATEC trade fair in Cologne – a dedicated hall exploring the role that work plays in our lives and culture and examining how we furnish the dynamic spaces that enable it. In partnership with other renowned brands, ‘Work’ showcases all the elements that will impact the workspaces of today and tomorrow.

Customised environment: temporary workplaces

“Interchange” co-working space by Tom Dixon, London Copyright: Tom Dixon Research Studio
“Interchange” co-working space by Tom Dixon, London
Copyright: Tom Dixon Research Studio

Temporary offices, co-working spaces and business lounges – today, more and more providers offer workspaces for a time. For founders of a new business and young enterprises, in particular, jointly used part-time offices are attractive, where they can flexibly and cost-effectively use a professional environment. Increasingly often, such solutions also seem to be an alternative for established companies.

Smart Office Materials: ORGATEC looks to the future

Bild 01_Blog
Current Table, © Caventou/Marjan Aubel, London

From 25 to 29 October, everything at ORGATEC 2016 focuses on modern working environments. The exhibitors as well as the accompanying programme of the trade fair will provide new impulses. With the special area “Smart Office Materials” the leading international trade fair dares to take a look to the future: the exhibition by the Berlin-based material experts from Haute Innovation shows how innovative and intelligent materials change the working world.