Design meets Movement:
An Outdoor environment by Linak at ORGATEC


02 Design meets Movement_Linak_Blog
© Linak

A multifunctional outdoor environment will be one of the attractions at the 2016 ORGATEC. “Design meets Movement“ is an entity formed by Linak and involving leading designers from Scandinavia. The exhibition area aims to surprise, inspire and challenge conventional thinking about adjustable furniture by moving interior design – outdoors.

Merge ergonomic movement with the most sublime design, and then move it all outdoors. At the 2016 ORGATEC, “Design meets Movement” will present two very different outdoor environments build around two of the four seasons. Both accentuating creativity and innovation by integrating a Green Living mindset to functional furniture. The baseline is that your personal creative space – whether you are relaxing, reading, working or cooking dinner – might as well be outdoors.

Covering an area of 260 square meters, the two garden-like setups will merge functionalities of everyday life with aesthetic design. True to the Scandinavian design tradition, the designers demonstrate creative outdoor kitchen facilities, office spaces and living rooms that will break the usual barrier between indoor comfort and outdoor spaces. Linak is the leading expert in electric linear actuator systems and can be found at ORGATEC 2016 with “Design meets Movement” in the passageway between halls 10 and 11.

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