Haworth White Papers:
Sensors improve workplaces


As a platform for modern working worlds, ORGATEC provides intelligent solutions for the improvement of work environments. The latest technical developments include sensor systems, which adapt rooms to the users and their requirements. In a current study, Haworth analyses how such systems can be sensibly applied.

At automatic doors or for lighting and temperature control – sensors have long helped facilitate our everyday work routines. New appliances additionally collect information on air quality and smells or the behaviour of people in a room. Even the stress level, boredom or the need for breaks can today be registered. Consequently, more recent studies identify new opportunity in the use of sensors for a fundamental improvement of the work environment.

In a current issue of its “White Papers”, Haworth, an exhibitor at ORGATEC, points to the significance of such technologies. The US-American manufacturer sees in the systematic application of sensors the chance to design workplaces with a markedly higher livability. Three application levels come into consideration: the use of rooms, the environment including light, air, sounds, etc. as well as the personal condition of employees. Here, automated sensors can gather much more detailed data on the work environment and thus continuously contribute to its improvement. The technical possibilities for a systematic interaction of these data in real time are yet missing. For Haworth, however, it is only a question of time until more intelligent systems are developed.

The complete study is available at: http://media.haworth.com/asset/83250/15483

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