Smart Co-Working Lobby:
Special area at ORGATEC

© Design Offices

What are the new spaces for working generations to come look like? Co-working spaces are developing on a global scale with incredible dynamism. An example of a layout can be viewed at the specially designed area “The Smart Co-Working Lobby” at the upcoming ORGATEC – a solution for the conversion of existing office buildings in order to meet the new requirements.

The “Smart Co-Working Lobby” concept details a module that will be at the core of the modern office block, thus facilitating co-working in existing buildings. The prototype can be viewed in Hall 9 at ORGATEC 2016 from 25-29 October. Curator of this specially designed area is Michael O. Schmutzer who, as Managing Director of Design Offices, has turned “New Work” into a remarkable success story. With the new concept co-working can be incorporated relatively quickly and economically. “With ‘The Smart Co-Working Lobby’, we are paving the way for the economy into the digital future”, says Schmutzer.

© Design Offices

His aim is to make “New Work” available as fast and effectively as possible. “New work is not just pie in the sky; it is an economically successful reality”, says Michael O. Schmutzer. “The key to the future lies in creating space for such a reality, in which a new way of working can unfold.” The new concept was developed in co-operation with the renowned interior design office, brandherm + krumrey. Sophisticated environments and customisable elements are combined with functional interior design. The result is a model that could be referred to as the “perfect working environment” for meeting the challenges of digital transformation. All the details showcased at ORGATEC 2016 have been tried and tested and are based on a blueprint containing innumerous possibilities of variation, according to the core idea for the module.



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