Interview with Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz

Gunter Fleitz und Peter Ippolito
© Ippolito Fleitz Group

At the “RE/WORK – Moments of Inspiration by Ippolito Fleitz Group” show, ORGATEC 2016 presents sensuous and tongue-in-cheek scenarios for contemporary workspaces. A conversation with the renowned designers, Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz, about the concept of the special exhibition and current changes of the working environment.

Mr Ippolito, Mr Fleitz, what are the core themes of the “RE/WORK” Competence Centre at ORGATEC 2016 and how are they implemented?

Peter Ippolito: Our working world is constantly changing and becoming increasingly digital as well as more location-independent. It evolves into an agile place providing varied possibilities. One of the few constants is interpersonal communication. Additionally, doing one’s work is not necessarily bound to a certain room, the location becomes transient and momentary. We have drawn our inspiration from the ORGATEC motto of “Rethink work”. In our special exhibition “RE/WORK” we feature ten valuable “Moments of Inspiration”, in which we question familiar workspace scenarios.

Innocean Headquarters Europe Interior design Office Headquarters Design Agency office
Innocean Headquarters Europe, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
© Robert Hoernig

What do you expect with regard to the workplace of the future? What developments will play an important role for its design?  

Gunter Fleitz: We closely watch how work is taking place today and how it is continually changing. Agility therefore plays a significant part in our concepts. How can we express flexibility and make it tangible without sitting at an exchangeable place?

Peter Ippolito: The challenge is the tension between grown values and the demand to be adaptable. In the office of the 21st century, identity is more important than facility.

DEU, Stuttgart, Büro Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Architekten: Ippolito Fleitz Group, DIGITAL 100 MB 8 Bit. - ©Zooey Braun; Veroeffentlichung nur gegen Honorar, Urhebervermerk und Beleg / permission required for reproduction, mention of copyright, complimentary copy, FUER WERBENUTZUNG RUECKSPRACHE ERFORDERLICH!/ PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR ADVERTISING!
Headquarters Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart/Germany
© Zooey Braun

You refer to yourselves as “identity architects”. What are the priority criteria used to express the identity of a company in its working environment?

Peter Ippolito: Every company is different. Although the instruments seem comparable at first sight, companies are characterised by their very specific culture, for which we create a customised solution when designing the working environment. This culture has implications towards the outside and the inside. As business card to the outside world it is important to visualise who the company is and what values it stands for. This is equally important for representation as well as for recruiting employees, to be able to join the “War of Talents”.

Gunter Fleitz: Therefore the topic of branding plays a central role for the design of office worlds, simply because the quality of working environments has a similar significance as the payment. How strongly does the team identify itself with the company, what value are lived out on a daily basis, what possibilities and prospects are offered? These are important factors, which become reality and space through the organisation of work and a workspace design precisely developed for the company.

Innocean Headquarters Europe Interior design Office Headquarters Design Agency office
Innocean Headquarters Europe, Frankfurt am Main/Germany
© Robert Hoernig

How do you as architects rate the offerings and the additional programme of ORGATEC? What possible inspirations does the trade fair offer you?

Peter Ippolito: The rapid change which has taken place in the world of working in recent years has also significantly changed the ORGATEC. For us it is an important source of inspiration with new theoretical models and product experiments. And it is, of course, a perfect platform to experience the solutions available on the market live.

Ippolito Fleitz Group managed by Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz is a multi-disciplinarily working studio for design, which is based in Stuttgart. The special event “RE / Work – Moments of Inspiration by Ippolito Fleitz Group” at ORGATEC 2016 will take place in hall 11.2 from 25 to 29 October.

Studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart/Germany
© Zooey Braun

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