Special area by Linak:
Ideas for working in outdoor spaces

© Linak

Today, the office is anywhere: in the car, on the train, at home or in the garden. How working in natural surroundings can be organised is demonstrated by drives specialist Linak at the upcoming ORGATEC. From 25 – 29 October, the special area “Design meets Movement” focuses on surprising open air concepts.

Under the “Design meets Movement” label, visitors to ORGATEC can expect a presentation with exceptional solutions for working in natural surroundings. The exhibition features clever open air concepts and ideas from Scandinavia. High-quality design thereby combines with ergonomic functionality. The aim of the special area is to think beyond conventional solutions and provide inspirations. “One or the other visitor will definitely be very surprised by the objects displayed there,” promises Nina Ramberg Mortensen, Corporate Marketing Coordinator at Linak A/S in Denmark and responsible for the special area.

Linak is one of the leading companies worldwide in the development and production of electrical linear drive systems for various applications in the hospital and care segment, furniture production and the industry. “It’s not a matter of exhibiting LINAK products, it is exclusively about design ideas,” explains Nina Ramberg Mortensen. The interplay between movable furniture providing for more ergonomics, modern design and the relocation to outdoor areas best describes the idea of the special exhibition. “Design meets Movement” at ORGATEC can be found on the Boulevard between Halls 10 and 11.

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