Work & Style:
How do we want to live and work tomorrow?

zeit-convent_v1_blogWork is a crucial pillar of one’s identity. It is associated with our lifestyles, worlds of feelings and emotions and conceptions of living together. The “Work & Style” Congress initiated by the renowned weekly paper ZEIT therefore addresses fundamental questions at the upcoming ORGATEC.

What is important for work today? To what extent do companies have to undergo constant change in order to stay attractive? What will the workplace of the future look like? In lectures, panel discussions and by means of practical examples the congress looks for answers. For this purpose, experts from various disciplines come together on 26 October at the Congress-Centrum Nord during the ORGATEC. The focus is to consider today’s phenomena of the working world from different points of view. Science and research, employees as well as the creative community have their say in three panel events and explain the way they see the professional world.

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With the “Work & Style” Congress, the ZEIT also wants to take a look at the big picture of social developments. The event is introduced with the results of a comprehensive “legacy study”, which was carried out by the weekly paper together with infas and WZB. It was about the determination of values and standards as well as their plausibility for the future. Particularly for the topic of work, a new picture with surprising details emerges. An exciting intro for the 15 speakers, who will subsequently analyse current trends and visions for the future.

The complete programme and a registration form are available here.

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