“Starting point for future designs”:
Interview with Marcelo Alegre

Marcelo Alegre und Andrés Baldoví of studio Alegre Design Copyright: Alegre Design

At ORGATEC 2016, renowned Spanish designer Marcelo Alegre presented two new office chairs. With his studio Alegre Design, he takes inspiration from the versatility of modern working worlds. We talked with him about the fair and current demands and new developments in the design of office furniture.

“Work becomes multi-local”:
an interview with Rudolf PĂĽtz from Vitra

„Work“ by Vitra and partners in hall 5.2 at ORGATEC 2016
© Vitra

In its “Work” presentation at ORGATEC 2016 Vitra attends to present-day and future working worlds. Together with partners from different industries, unusual office concepts are presented in Hall 5.2. A conversation with Rudolf Pütz, CEO of Vitra, on the presentation at the trade fair, Collage Offices and ORGATEC as innovation platform.

Three questions to: Anna and Dag Klockby (Gärsnäs)

„Day“ office chair (design: Pierre Sindre)
© Gärsnäs

Premiere at ORGATEC: In Cologne, Swedish manufacturer Gärsnäs presents itself on the German market for the first time. Pieces of furniture by the tradition-steeped manufacture are to be found in almost every public building in Sweden and in many renowned offices. Three questions to the two chief executive officers, Anna and Dag Klockby, about timeless Scandinavian design and the significance of quality in today’s product world.

Flexible open spaces:
office concept of Schenker AG in Essen

Head Office of Schenker AG, Essen/Germany Copyright: Deimel + Wittmar, Essen
Head Office of Schenker AG, Essen/Germany
Copyright: Deimel + Wittmar, Essen

Today, offices are varied and undergoing constant change. Changing forms of work require flexible environments for teamwork and a common exchange of ideas. How even larger structures can be designed both adaptable and communicative is demonstrated by a recent example in Essen: The new head office of Schenker AG provides plenty of room for spontaneous contacts and a great closeness of team and executives.

Smart Co-Working Lobby:
Special area at ORGATEC

© Design Offices

What are the new spaces for working generations to come look like? Co-working spaces are developing on a global scale with incredible dynamism. An example of a layout can be viewed at the specially designed area „The Smart Co-Working Lobby“ at the upcoming ORGATEC – a solution for the conversion of existing office buildings in order to meet the new requirements.

Three questions to:
Michael O. Schmutzer (Design Offices)

© Design Offices Nürnberg City – Coworking Lounge

Three questions to Michael O. Schmutzer about flexible office design, new target groups and future trends of the working world. At ORGATEC, the founder and managing director of Design Offices presents his concept of precisely fitting temporary workspaces and is also the curator of the special show „The Smart Coworking Lobby“. Schmutzer answers

„I like to work in a surrounding which I love“:
Interview with Doriana Fuksas

Doriana Mandrelli Fuksas and Massimiliano Fuksas, MUMBAI range for Haworth Castelli Foto: © Castelli spa
Doriana Mandrelli Fuksas and Massimiliano Fuksas, MUMBAI range for Haworth Castelli
Foto: © Castelli spa

Doriana Fuksas leads Studio Fuksas together with her husband Massimiliano Fuksas. Over the past 40 years the internationally renowned architecture company with headquarters in Rome, Paris and Shenzhen, has completed more than 600 projects. An Interview about today’s working environments and how permanent values can be created for them.

Inspiring Moments:
„RE / Work by Ippolito Fleitz Group“ at ORGATEC

01 Re Work by Ippolito Fleitz Group_Blog
RE / Work – Moments of Inspiration by Ippolito Fleitz Group
© Ippolito Fleitz Group

Our world is increasingly shaped by digital experiences. Work processes are changing rapidly. Does the office as an analogue location still have any meaning in the 21st century? The answer of Ippolito Fleitz Group is a clear Yes. The renowned studio will offer new inspirations and perspectives with the exhibition „RE / Work“ at ORGATEC 2016.

Three questions to:
Joachim H. Faust (Managing partner HPP Architects)

Dreischeibenhaus, DĂĽsseldorf (Architecture: Helmut Hentrich and Hubert Petschnigg)
© Momeni Gruppe

The “Dreischeibenhaus” in Düsseldorf is considered an international icon of modern architecture. The award-winning modernisation by HPP Architects made the office building fit for the future. We asked Joachim H. Faust, managing partner of HPP, three questions concerning the moderate treatment of existing building structures.