Smart Co-Working Lobby:
Special area at ORGATEC

© Design Offices

What are the new spaces for working generations to come look like? Co-working spaces are developing on a global scale with incredible dynamism. An example of a layout can be viewed at the specially designed area „The Smart Co-Working Lobby“ at the upcoming ORGATEC – a solution for the conversion of existing office buildings in order to meet the new requirements.

Three questions to:
Michael O. Schmutzer (Design Offices)

© Design Offices Nürnberg City – Coworking Lounge

Three questions to Michael O. Schmutzer about flexible office design, new target groups and future trends of the working world. At ORGATEC, the founder and managing director of Design Offices presents his concept of precisely fitting temporary workspaces and is also the curator of the special show „The Smart Coworking Lobby“. Schmutzer answers